Welcome 2 Timeville

Chapter 5 title

Welcome to Timeville is the fifth episode in Season 1

Episode Information
Episode Name Welcome to Timeville
Episode Number 5
Previous Episode Rugged Rocks and Rainbow Runway
Next Episode Dreams in Timeville


The team finally makes it to Timeville. A tourist guide shows them around the city while Roxy shops for new clothes. they meet the mayor, Mayor Tempus, and the Masters of the Arts. Will Guy unlocks many new creatures in Timeville.

Main EventsEdit

  • The team meets the Masters of the Arts (Master Cosmai, Empress Terraina, Sorceress Colorein, Madame Vaporine, and Mistress Ember)
  • The team meets Mayor Tempus and Roy
  • The team makes it to Timeville
  • Ace realizes he has Time powers
  • The team is officially named "The Super Squad"
  • The Super Squad gets new outfits

New CharactersEdit

  • Master Cosmai
  • Empress Terraina
  • Sorceress Colorine
  • Madam Vaporein
  • Mistress Ember
  • Mayor Tempus
  • Roy (tourist guide)