Book 2 (Volume 1) is the second book of the Super Squad series. In this book, the Super Squad continues their journey as super hereos. As said in Book 1 by Madame Vaporine, the Super Squad's goal is to obtain the power of Super Charge. This book revolves around the teams adventures in trying to solve a riddle (poem) in order to gain more power.

The following is the preposed selection of chapters in Book 2 (Volume 1)


  1. Mount Olympics
  2. A Countdown in the Renaissance
  3. A Lesson Well Learned
  4. A Wave of Overconfidence
  5. At the Mountain's Peak
  6. The World's Worst Power Outage
  7. The Exit Path
  8. The Iceberg has hit!
  9. The Furturistic World
  10. Trapped in Time--Part 1
  11. Trapped in Time--Part 2
  12. The Truth is Revealed
  13. Trials of Teamwork

New InformationEdit

  •  Time traveling will be a major part 
  •  First view of the Technology and Element Dimension